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Business Purposes and Philosophy

Tagore Wood!

Afford Achievement for Cliens
Earn Value for Cliens
Fulfill Dreams for Cliens!


Keep IntegrityContribute Value,
Do not Deceptive Oneself Inside, Do Not Deceptive People Outside!


Tagore WoodManufacture plywood for almost 30 years in China,the Plywood, MDF board,

Marine plywood, etc  products has widely and poply accepted by Australia, North America,

South America,South East Asia,Africa,Europe, etc many Countries and Areas. Registered own

 export and import right in September, 2019. all the service and products offered are:

   1, ISO9001-2008 Certified products

   2,ASTM test pasted products------America standard

   3,AS/NZ test past products------Australia standard

   4,SGS,INTERTEK prvoed products.

   5,Soncap, PVO certified products

   6, FSC tested products

   7, Chinese pop sale and famous acceptable Brand.

Welcome all friends come to visit our Factories and cooperate together t

Make the world a good place!